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The Working From Home Beauty Guide

Details: The Working From Home Beauty Guide. Working from home has its perks, but it is easy to fall out of your daily beauty routine, and just remain in your sweatpants with an out-of-bed messy bun all day long. To feel empowered, healthy, and happy, make an effort to establish and stick to a self-care routine. With a couple of simple beauty and

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Crystals in Wellness and Beauty

Details: Skincare – Beauty tools are having a moment. Rose quartz rollers are excellent for skin conditions such as rosacea as it works the microcirculations which is the circulation of the smallest blood vessels in the skin. The crystal is made up of iron, oxygen …

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Beauty Despite Cancer

Details: So it was refreshing to be find a website Beauty Despite Cancer offering advice, support and some highly recommended products to help women still feel feminine despite their health challenges. The story that caught my attention on their website, was headed “I was prepared for the cancer treatment but not an instant menopause at 43.”.

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Ingestible Skincare

Details: Perhaps one of the most well-known anti-aging beauty ingredients, hyaluronic acid can be found in a wide range of topical beauty products. To see the true benefits of hyaluronic acid on your skin, look for supplements and products which contain pure hyaluronic acid. These don’t come cheap, but one affordable option is O’HISA.

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How Lockdown Has Taught Us How To Accept The Way …

Details: Now’s the time, if any, to try some new beauty hacks to make our lives easier when things eventually return to normal. Dressing gown robe curls for bouncy hair This is a hack that works especially well for the men and women with long and thick hair who are looking for heat-free ways to curl their locks.

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How this Custom Skincare Brand Will Help You Have More

Details: The beauty industry has been encouraging consumerism and maximalism, promoting long complex routines and the over-use of actives. It’s far from what anyone’s skin needs. That’s why we’ve created a product that contains all your skin’s needs, plus the right actives that will let your skin heal from within and feel always healthy and

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New beauty supplement, could this be the answer to anti

Details: It’s time to turn the clock back on your face… From revolutionary beauty and skincare company Reverse Life comes the new anti-ageing miracle, REVERSE LIFE COLLAGEN – a natural berry flavoured liquid supplement that provides a 10,000mg dose of hydrolysed marine collagen per 25ml serving. Plus a selection of essential vitamins and a high quality hyaluronic acid to really pack a skin …

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Body Positivity Affects Men Too

Details: Although the beauty of social media is that we can connect with a diverse group of people from across the world..— constant exposure to what the media presents as the norm can make it difficult for people to accept and love themselves, constantly striving for unrealistic beauty standards.

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5 Great Ideas To Step Up Your Beauty Routine In The New

Details: Get more beauty sleep. A simple and reliable measure to step up your beauty routine this year is by getting more sleep. It helps to rejuvenate your skin cells as they work on replacing the dead ones with new cells while you sleep. Maintain a regular sleep schedule that ensures at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily.

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Naturecan introduces their CBD beauty range

Details: Naturecan introduces their CBD beauty range which is scientifically proven to nourish, repair, protect and care for your skin. The range is a tight edit of beauty essentials carefully created to be as close to nature as we can be. This is the perfect beauty range for those who love natural products, infused with CBD to enhance their skin.

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The Facts and Realities of Combatting Acne

Details: Other focus areas include ageing, skin health and beauty. Additionally, with a passion for ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, Aimee is also highly experienced in quality assurance and audit procedures. Aimee graduated from the University of Surrey in 2008 with a BSc in Nutrition. In 2018 she completed a Masters degree in Nutritional

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Fashion and Female Empowerment: 6 Celebrities Setting an

Details: Beauty. The Best Natural Deodorants in Malaysia Editorial Team 2 weeks ago. Naturecan launches acne pads to help battle breakouts Editorial Team 3 months ago. The science behind what make up does to your skin in a heat wave Editorial Team 3 months ago.

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Benefits of cannabis on the skin

Details: It contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 making it ideal for cell restoration, plus it is a powerful antioxidant that prevents skin aging and cell restoration. In general terms, among the benefits of this oil are: it is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, heals skin lesions, prevents tissue damage, protects from the sun’s rays, moisturizes, slows down

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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Details: Beauty-sleep Skincare Secrets To Make You Look Well-rested Every Morning Suggested Posts. 7 Tips for successful life planning Transform the negative into positive with Tao Light Massage from Master Sha Vegan hunny and lots more from Hempire Preventing diabetes at the table – the little-known health benefits of sprouted brown rice

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Beauty-sleep Skincare Secrets To Make You Look Well-rested

Details: Beauty sleep is all about looking fresh, energized, and pretty the next day. And it would be a bit tough to achieve that if your skin and eyes look tired and aged. So, use the beauty-sleep skincare regime mentioned above that makes your skin look well-rested every morning.

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The vertical haircut that highlights natural beauty

Details: The vertical haircut that highlights natural beauty. With over 30 years of experience working with royalty and celebrities all over the world, Alessandro Calvio is renowned for his innovative style based on a vertical cut that follows the natural movement of the hair and its natural fall. He has created a hairstyle that is effortless to

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Is A World Beyond Stereotypes Possible

Details: These campaigns are aimed at promoting diversity, inclusivity, and beauty acceptance. A world that goes beyond stereotypes is in the making, with several industries further ahead than others. The end goal is a society that refrains from defining who wears what and what makes one persona prettier than another.

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